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Mark/Beth/Metatron Discuss Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Physics 11/1/09

As the moment of Arrests, Mass Decloakings and Announcements is upon us, Mark/Beth discuss some aspects of our new IonicElectroMagnetic, Etheric-Positronic-Crystalline system from a more Cosmic Interactive BigPicture perspective. On Nov 8th David Wilcock will discuss his views on these subjects so we thought you might like to look at how we now function, energetically.

Beth and Mark first discuss some contextual views and then ask Metatron to assist us in understanding how we might see how all these Formless Form through Physical matter interactions bring formless ideas into manifestation. We hope you enjoy grokking this interesting subject.

*Through the 13th Gateway;
*Matter and Antimatter;
*Torsion Field Physics;

There are NOT 11 Dimensions as Einstein said. They were intuiting nothing exists outside the physical. Every limitation is in the matter because it only contains a portion of the consciousness.

God, Nature, and the Universe limit nothing.
Only Man limits the consciousness. Once you allow 352nd Dimensions, and above, you can use the positronic-etheric-crystalline unity. We have to relate all of these to see how we can flip from matter to antimatter.

We then get in touch with the reflecting Force. There is a place of interaction and it does not come from here. Now we are both this and that, we are equalizing the partnership right up through the Human/Galactic Angelic/Source connection. When you add the Holographic Universe to that, Everything is connected; male and female, matter and spirit; inner and outer; male and female. We need to look at new ways of working with everything. "The Great Attractor" what you suppress is attracted; where you place your attention, and hold dear grows; what you free-up flows. One is a fixed aspect, one reflects a clear unity. Any time there is Unity in our life, because all is frequency or vibrational waves. Sanat Kumara and St Germain brought the three fold flame and the violet flame.
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Question to Metatron:
How can we show how all of those principles interact. One must see them as interrelated, interactive, in a field of One, operating together. Everything is integral.
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"This is a very big field of knowledge to tackle.

Hyperdimensional Physics (HyperD Physics) is a science that looks at not only
height, breadth, and width, but also Dimension. Most scientists before now, including Einstein, have noted 11 Dimensions. In fact the dimensions are essentially unlimited. Some Dimensions contain physical matter and others contain formless form (antimatter). Let's rename matter and anitmatter in relation to the human body. This we may call the physical body (3D) or the physical-etheric body (5D) Know that the physical-etheric body can go out to the 13th Dimension and experience antimatter, but only for brief periods, an hour, or a little more. There are some adepts who can do more than this. The numbers of Ones experiencing this will increase substantially in a short period of time. More and More Ones are preparing for this, and a large number of them will be youths.

Zero Point is an energy flux running through space and that is where interdimensional and multidimensional travel begins. Anyone traveling out of body[OOB] must find zero point before they will go out.
In fact, this is true for space craft traveling multidimensionally.
Zero Point is what is found in portals, StarGates, vortices, wormholes, black holes and is what makes multidimensional travel possible... including levitation and teleportation. We must also figure in the Harmony of the Spheres, within which our Planets and Suns operate.

These force fields run through Hollow Earth, and overlap the Planet. These are not only electromagnetic and ionic, but also crystalline. Every Planet in our Solar System has a crystalline core which is anchored energetically into its Planetary, Galactic, Universal, Multiversal and Cosmic Grid.

Mother Sekhmet calls this energy 'The Force'.
The Force = Source Energy+Love. Source Energy comes from Creation. Source Energy cannot be much on its own, but when combined with love, has unlimited potential. The crystalline core inside the Planets are all two tetrahedrons placed opposite each other. Imagine the Great Pyramid as one tetrahedron. Imagine a second same size tetrahedron, upside down, and connect the two at their base.
Every Planet and Sun has this, made of crystal, at its core.

Different Planets have different types of crystalline tetrahedrons.
What are the size of these tetrahedrons? Imagine the first tetrahedron with the apex point at the North Pole. Now this tetrahedron has a 120 degree angle at the base. With this, you will see the points of the base land at approximately 19.5 degrees latitude.

This is zero point, and zoom! Off to other dimensions. At this point on a Planet, One becomes hyperD. On Earth, some things at 19.5 latitude are; Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl volcanoes near Mexico City.
In addition, The Great Pyramids of the Sun and Moon at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

On the
Moon's far side, at 19.5 degrees we have the absolutely huge Mare Orientale (but near the edge of the Earth-side/far-side interface).

On Mars we have Olympus Mons (the solar system’s largest volcano) near 19.5.

On Jupiter we have the Great Red Spot near 19.5.

On Neptune, the Great Blue Spot, all located at or very near to 19.5 degrees latitude."

Now that we have our Crystalline form activated in a
diamond form, we are affecting resonances through all similar structures.

This is why the ZPMs' energy generators tap into this flow, this resonance, at a critical degree. In Algebra, when you have two values, you may determine the third. Now that the crystalline core has been activated-- when the golden crystal was brought out from the left paw of the sphinx, under the guardianship of Serapis Bey, which happened on 8/8/09, and was then anchored by Metatron into the Earth Grid, we took representatives of many kingdoms back through the golden crystal and brought them back into alignment with Source. The crystalline core was reprogrammed with new codes on 9/22/09 when the Andromedan Team brought a starship through that portal and into the heart of the Planet.

Now we have a positronic-etheric plus crystalline structure and functional relationship which holds more light.
Now we have some other mechanisms, or aspects of The Force that deal with celestial bodies, such as torsion physics. Whenever you put a twist on something, it must react to that compression and expansion.
That is how HyperD and Torsion Physics are affected by matter/antimatter.

We will be able to explore multidimensions with the HyperD model, knowing that we go out of matter through the 13D Gateway. The 13th Gateway is the connection from matter to antimatter. Everything from antimatter (formless form) is reflected into matter. Electromagnetic is 3D and 5D is physical-etheric-crystalline.
The origin of energetic communications is in antimatter, and is reflected into and through the matter dimensions. How the origin of ideas from antimatter - How the flow through the 13th Gateway - there are dynamics, mass, rotation, gravity, and critical degrees: (19.5 degrees of North/South Latitude,separated by 120 degrees) There is a very powerful energetic reaction at that point.
This is a circulating spiral motion which interpenetrates the crystalline core. The secret government operation at Deigo Garcia, in the Indian Ocean. Here they have a platform from which they can send heavy equipment into moon orbit, almost instantaneously, with no cost. There is another anomoly in Bermuda. When energy fluctuations occur they take advantage of it. It is instantaneous transport from here to the moon. It is extremely efficient in time, money, and security. Place much of your heavy equipment in orbit, at the time of these energy fluctuations.

Interdimensional portals are very large, as are multidimensional ones. The Earth Firmament is made up of an ionic electromagnetic layer with a crystalline layer above it. The Platinum-Gold grid goes along the bed of the ocean to the top of the highest mountain. Soon it will go from inner to above the planet in a continuous dynamic flux-flow and forms a planetary shield that will reject anything lower than 5D, coming in or going out.

As part of the information/energy flow, from antimatter into matter. How does it flow? We want to include torsion field physics in that.

When our human Physical Adam Kadmon template became crystalline, it became a mirror reflected from the cosmic level. We appear to see inner bodies reflected as outer bodies. As above, so below: reflected hyperdimensionally down through the 13th Gateway. The Positronic-Etheric-Crystalline template allows both input and output through the crown chakra to positronic brain to the high-heart-mind connection, vertically down and up through the central conduit. Our Crown Chakra is now receiving new energy codes (especially during the first hour of sunrise and last hour of sunset) since our planetary crystalline critical mass occurred.

Everything in the lower 12 dimensions gets its info through the 13D Gateway from antimatter levels above. Celestial bodies (Suns, Planets, Stars) are affecting the energy flows from the Higher Levels that we cannot see. The causal level is in antimatter. That is reflected into form through the 13th Gateway.
Through harmonic resonance the formless form interacts with form when we are in alignment. (Also known as Solo luminescence) Everything in the physical world comes from antimatter.
We are getting from the Great Central Sun; Helios and Vesta and Sol, Cosmic Rays which enter our crystalline crown chakra and thence down energetic conduits in the brain and into our high heart. This is also true of the Earth.
We are talking about a mulitdimensional/interdimensional architecture. Otherwise, we wouldn't have a Unified Field. A Diffuse layer of energy, like a mist, but without form, reflects through the 13th Gateway, where we have a positronic-etheric-crystalline template. We want to include Torsion Field Physics in our understanding.


The energy which makes matter is consciousness. This consciousness does not come from the 3rd Dimensional world.
When we explain about physics, we are looking for height, breadth, and width. Building on that, we explained
HyperD physics in which we
added dimensions to height, breadth, and width.

Next we talk about torsion physics.
To explain this we look at a basic mathematic equation in classical mechanics and electrodynamics, for four elements;
1) which is the initiation upon a system of a force (be it mechanical, electromagnetic, or otherwise -- i.e. an “initiating action”).
(2) position (and the tendency to return to that position; as in a pendulum or spring),
(3) resistance to motion (said motion being velocity or speed related), and
(4) mass (or inertia), which is associated with acceleration.
Torsion physics adds in Rate of Delay.
This is known as the
Fifth Element.
Sixth Element is Sonoluminescence. This means, Co-Creation at the 13th Gateway. The antimatter consciousness (The Force, or Source Energy+Love) comes into the 13th Gateway from the Formless Form Dimensions and reflects into the Matter World all of the force, position, resistance and mass it contains AND it does it in its own timing. We call this timing "Divine Right Timing" or "Ripe Time". All of these influences are potential possibilities.

The Sixth Element is the harmonics and light contained in this particular equation and that is determined by consciousness.
The Fifth Element is what makes it possible for the physical-etheric-crystalline Human-Galactic to be a conduit for Universal energy flow, known as The Force.
(The Force=Source Energy+Love).
It is through consciousness, or thought, that creates on the antimatter dimensions and either instantly, or some rate of delay, it makes its way across the 13th Gateway into the matter realm, or manifests into physical.
By learning to open the thirteen chakras, one opens their own 13th Gateway. This is when it is possible to cycle between matter and antimatter, as is done with levitation or teleportation.

In Co-Creation the three parts of the unity - the creator, the act of creation, and the result of the creation, became, in the universe and in life today, Be, Do, and Have.
Be = the source or creator, Do = the act of creation, and Have = the result of the creation. Everything that has taken place since then, every moment of Life's existence, throughout the entirety of the billions of years of this universe, can be classified as either Be, Do, or Have. There is a part of your brain which brings in the Source Energy into the local mind, in through the energy portals in the brain, including the pineal gland, and processes this energy and pulses out through the body and into the higher heart.
That is the Source of The Creator, and that is you and I. The Act of Creation is combining this in the higher heart with the consciousness of love. The next part of Co-Creation is crossing the etheric, into the channel, or body, with Source Energy and combining it in the higher heart with love, and then waiting the delay, for when it comes into manifestation on the physical.

The more joy which is contained in the thought (velocity or speed) the amount you desire said result (mass) the amount you have placed this into the priorities of manifestation (position)and the initial thought itself (initiating action) directly affects whether this is an instant manifestation or a delayed manifestation.

Knowing that the Source Energy is a constant. The Love you understand and are able to infuse through your Higher Heart is the one key factor involved in experiencing things on higher and higher and higher dimensions.

To go out of body[OOB] to experience the energies of the 352nd Dimension, takes setting a higher intention, (initiating action) a great desire-you must BELIEVE it can be done, (mass) you must spark your joy at the mere idea you may achieve it (velocity) and it must be a priority in your life (position). If these align, indeed, your meditation will take you to the Higher Realms. You may see, hear, taste, touch and smell all that is there through the senses of consciousness.
Everything that is happening on every dimension and every parallel, interdimensionally and multidimensionally is possible to experience by crossing the 13th Gateway.
Now that the physical-etheric crystalline bodies with 12 Physical +12 Etheric = 24 strands of DNA activating in concert, this is open to anyone desiring to pursue it.

All it takes is setting an intention, making it a priority, being fully in joy, having a high perspective of love, the belief that it is so.
Mark and Beth

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