Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Msg From KOS from Mark & Beth 11/17/09

The cards are on the table in Israel.

There is a new law called Universal Jurisdiction where any country around the world may arrest those accused of war crimes, including Military Officials and Political Leaders. This was put into place very quietly last July 2009. This is what we have been using to arrest the leaders of countries accused of mass genocide. They are able to be captured where they are hiding, by that country's officials. It makes prosecution infinitely easier. It wipes away all the behind the scenes games. My men are in place in enough countries around the world to make short order of all the arrests that Lady Master Nada requires to fill her indictments. It has been proceeding very smoothly. There has been a LARGE number of arrests this past week.

You may have heard we needed to clean up the alphabet agencies. Some of the American-Israeli elite, with dual passports, have taken off to Israel. It is believed by them that they will have an easier time of hiding where there are less Americans. They will not stick out as they do here, in Israel. They are mislead. We have anticipated this and prepared for it. Only after the ones at the CIA started being arrested en-masse, did Israel begin to look at launching an internal investigation of the UN report charging Israel with war crimes. They are trying to beat the clock on Universal Jurisdiction kicking in. They are too late. Once the indictment is written, if no investigation is underway, it is within Universal law that these American Israelis can be picked up. With them out of their offices in the U.S., they are much less of a threat and are less able to carry out co-opted plans. Then, once in Israel, thinking they are safe, they get picked up at the local bakery or cafe. They get very lax once they feel safe. We cannot guess when we will have the arrests completed, but everything is going at least as well as we could have hoped, if not better.

China Gold - The Renminbi, or the RMB is in place. There will be a basket of currencies. The rainbow bills will be used in the U.S., Canada and Mexico as well as most, if not all of South America. There will be the Euro, and this will be used in the UK as well as Russia, Switzerland and about 20 other smaller nations. The Renminbi will be used in China, parts of Asia, and most of Africa. There may be 1-2 other new currencies. These will be enacted once NESARA is announced. ALL of the currencies will be backed by platinum, gold, and silver.
ALL of the currencies will have equivalent exchange rates. None of the currencies will be devalued against one another.

Not only that, there will be a repricing [Re-Indexing] of all goods and services down to a non-inflationary rate. Everything will be recalculated so there is fairness in retail, real estate, and natural resources around the world. About a dozen or more countries have begun using the Renminbi for their main currency. This has happened quietly, more or less, behind the scenes.
The reason for this is, when the banks take a holiday, to switch currencies worldwide, everything will be in place to move to the new system within days. We have been moving behind the scenes to have this in place, it is part of the Master Plan. The Chinese Yuan will be dissolved with the U.S. Federal Reserve Note and the British Pound Sterling. New beginnings stress fairness for all involved.

Mark and Beth www.GalacticRoundTable.com