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BREAKING NEWS UPDATE... Interview with the
King of Swords: Oct 31, 2009

MarkH/BethT asking KOS questions.

Today is 'Samhain' and this is a special time for preparing for the next 'season'.
It is a New Year Celebration, in the 'Ancient Manner'. All of this is coinciding with a Full Moon in Tarus, on Monday, Nov 2nd.
This could be described like the overlapping circles of a 'Vesica piscis'. On Thursday night's, StarGate Round Table call, Mother Sekhmet said: "this Samhain is going to be different"!

Samhain is described as: "Samhain marked the end of the 'harvest', the end of the 'lighter half' of the year, and the beginning of the 'darker half'. Many scholars believe that it marked the beginning of the Celtic New Year. We have been talking a long time about all of the dark souls' being judged by Anubis. On one side of the scale is the feather of Ma-at, and on the other side of the scale is their Soul. Anubis is checking if the Soul weighs less than the 'feather' and is at least 51% positive for all its incarnations.

If it is not, it will go to another place, and will not proceed with Ascension. Such Souls may go to trial with King Dracos and Queen Ardulla and serve a sentence on Dracos. The Soul may go to Herculobus. The Soul may go back to Source, and compassionately be erased. This would only happen in cases where it would take millions of years for the karma to be worked out. All of these Souls have been given many chances and this is the end.
No parole is coming. Anubis is deciding once and for all. Because before Samhain is the growth cycle, we had to wait until the day after Samhain, the darker part of the year, to harvest the final Soul, which is 51% positive or better, and then the rest of the Souls unable to move forward with Ascension, will have their fates decided.

Does this mean Monday is the opportune time for arrests?

The significance of the full moon being the height of fertility, or the time to gather all the Souls who may qualify for ascension. This would mark a New Beginning on the 'Celtic New Year', because all the dark ones, would be gone. That would make for a wonderful celebration?
Including proverbial 'party balloons' and 'lights' in the sky?

Now, we also understand the upcoming Sixth Night of the Galactic Underworld, begins November 8, 2009 through November 2, 2010. "This would imply that we are approaching not another cycle or another shift, but the end of all shifts, something that all evolution has been a preparation for, and a build-up towards.
Only such an end to all shifts would conceivably provide the basis for a harmonious eternal peace on

Mark/Beth: This coincides with the same 24 hour period when runoff elections were to happen in Afghanistan. We have been told by you, KOS, that Afghanistan, as all across the mideast, is covered with StarGates/Portals into the Inner Earth, and having control of them means having power. The Galactics will need to use these StarGates for Mass Decloakings. Obviously, the dark Ones do not want decloakings or World Peace.
President Obama has come out to say that he will not make a decision to increase troops for Afganistan, until after the runoff election, to know which government he will be working with. Is this not a cover story, waiting for disclosure of Galactic Presence, and World Peace? Can we expect World Peace prior to the scheduled election runoff, saving the President from having to come out with any decision at all?

Have we not been told that the news coming out now is a diversion? We have been told by you, that it is easier for KOS and his men to make arrests in a world where the '13 Families/Illuminati' believe the "dumb Americans" will believe anything? The cover stories about health care reform's endless debate, H1N1 disinformation daily, for weeks, and the occasional car bombing or rape story are there, as an endless reel, as the arrests are finished up?

We know the stories about Joe Lieberman really stem back to his being paid by Israel, Israel's panic over being charged with War Crimes, and the 'Big Ones' getting arrested? It has to do with Joe Lieberman's connection to the Military, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Industrial Complex?
Isn't this why Rachel Maddows keeps this story front line night after night? You told us President Obama went out at 3:45AM,the other day--to Dover AFB, to salute the fallen U.S. Soldiers, to mark the time of the end of war?

The emotion on his face was evident. Was it not because we know he is about to declare World Peace? As soon as all the arrests are completed.
Our friend, David Wilcock,, will have a 2 hour special on tv on 11/8/09. Will that not end a week in which we have just had 'disclosure', so there will be the best possible proof out there to explain these stories?

Has not David Wilcock been guided on this from the best for the last 20 years? Last night, you told us: "There is a man from Rwanda sentenced to life in jail in Canada today, in the High Court. This man, Desire Munyaneza, was tried under Canada's War Crimes act of 2000. President Clinton worked with Canada back then to have this in place. This Rwandan ties back to France where the orders came from. The Bosnian Serb ties back to Her Majesty herself; Hitler had a hand in this. He was fond of ethnic cleansing. In fact, many of the Royals felt that less population on Earth was a superior idea. Hitler was one of the first to engineer chemical injections designed to make people sick, even die. This is part of what he was working on with his secret scientists.

"Each one of these War Crimes trials leads back to one of the 13 families." You also said that these arrests continue around the globe, as we speak.
"This Canadian trial, completed today, has gone on for 2 years. There are many such others happening behind the scenes, away from the media, but domino after domino they keep falling, and we will see you from our ships."
Please, if you will be so kind, we understand that: "there are No Dates. No Nukes. No Flukes." We respectfully ask:
Please comment on the above in any way possible which will help us have more clarity of what to expect this weekend, and/or next week?

KOS: "OK, well....That is a very interesting analogy you have come up with. Everything you mention has merit. In fact, you are right on. There has not been a more perfect time for all of these things to happen at once.
Of course, we do not know the precise moment when all the arrests will be complete. Everyone knows, It is not over until the 'Fat Lady Sings'.
I CAN say, Mother Sekhmet has "4 on the floor" as Rama says, and she will no longer allow her errant children to continue on this path. There will be no more orphans, widows, and atrocities of war. We are on a new timeline now. The bankrupt banks force sweeping change and this is brought about by Announcing the FED and the IRS are dissolved. And they are!

The wonderful thing is, when this happens, it coincides with the Treasury Bills, enactment of NESARA Law, and World Peace. Mass Decloakings come first, after arrests are completed.
All of these things are seconds away.

Anyone can follow the breaking news to see, all is lining up, as you have been saying - for years. All of the ingredients are there. Everything is in place. All that has been said has come to pass except the very Big Arrests, of which these smaller convictions, all make possible, another sign, it is time.
The moment after the Bush/Cheney/Hillary Clinton Arrests, we WILL have Mass Decloakings.
Nothing can stop these events from taking place!

The Time For Peace is Now!


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  1. what was that story about anubis judging souls?..... the concept is like something else overrides our freewill and chooses for us .....i thought ascension is a choice. where our souls decide. this is a freewill creation. whats the point of moving from 3d to 5d and beyond if there is still the concept of judgement and control. but then again i take it as just a folkstory or belief...