Friday, November 6, 2009

On Nov 6, 2009, at 7:42 AM, Jim xxxx asked:

Question 1) Now here is a statement that you wrote about the Ascension process:

"Ones not ready/spiritually prepared, to do the ascension clearing that are in 3-D [consciousness] levels, will be sent to what appears to be a continuation of duality as now exists here, on another mirror image[planet] of old earth and will not be coming to Terra Nova."

Answer 1:
Those continuing their spiritual development on other 3D worlds will not know that anything has changed. There is NO judgement or punishment. There is free will choice that must be respected.

So, if an entity does not choose, willingly, to ask and allow the Ascension path to open for them; it will be taken--upon review of their entire soul record--as a request to be allowed more time and experience before asking for the stretching that Ascension requires. We came from much higher levels and have an opportunity to take a serious jump up Now!

Earth Mother has said: "I've had it with 3D. I've fulfilled all my duties and will no longer be trashed by the 'immature cosmic kids'; they either choose to become part of the solution or I'll flick them off my planet like they were fleas, which henceforth will ONLY be open to 5D+ souls. I'll be happy to help the ones that ask, and who are willing to let go of limiting ideas and share in the work that lies before us all. Creator sez: 'When you make a mess, you get to be part of the cleanup crew.' That's a Universal Rule!

We are days away from a 'Liberty Call' that will take us into a very incredible port. We've been at sea for a very long time so I suggest that we get our ship in shape to join the fleet that is arriving to join the going ashore 'Liberty Party'. If you choose to stay aboard you will be allowed duty in the 'boiler room' until the next 'Liberty Call' occurs. The decision is yours.
ANSWER 2a/2b: Yes, It is has been discussed on many occasions on conf calls by Mark/Beth, Tara/Rama.
Of all the countries that have agreed to support NESARA is the PRC [China] included?
2b: Of the 180 countries that met in March of 1999, 160 said they would support NESARA; 20 did not sign onto those provisions. We can not reveal which ones did/didn' this moment, as the final 'approved names' list is pending. The 13 families have been told: Sign up and support this or say goodbye to earth and ascension.

The evidence will be out within days. Most of the Heads will leave. The non-criminal people left on this planet will all participate, according to a precise schedule.
Therefore we and all countries' peoples will all have opportunity to participate. Some heads have chosen to roll in another direction and will now leave.
Imminent Decloakings will open our hearts and we will remember our true nature as divine beings and be most joyous that Home is here, and so is the Ascension opportunity, promised by Creator, a very long time ago, when we volunteered to come here and 'get 'r done'.

Hello Mark,
I know that you are an extremely busy man these days so I will get right to the point of this email. I have two simple questions and then I want you to clarify for me what you wrote about the Ascension process. The two questions:

2. The $10,000,000.00 lump sum payment that is to be paid to all non criminal citizens from the US,UK,CANADA,and AUSTRALIA within the first 72 hours after announcement of NESARA, is this talked about on any of your earlier conference calls?

. Of the 190 countries that are supposed to embrace the changes that NESARA will bring, is the PRC(Peoples Republic of China) included?

Now here is a statement that you wrote about the Ascension process:

"Ones not ready/spiritually prepared to do the ascension clearing that are in 3-D levels will be sent to what appears to be a continuation of things as they now exist on another mirror image of old earth and will not be coming to Terra Nova."

I found this in the Archives under fate of non-ascenders. I have known about you Mark since the Q&A session you had with the yahoo group named floweringconscienceness on November 23rd 2008. I read that section on the website and it talks about the $10,000,000 payment plus you make the following statement:

"No one will be left behind that chooses to trust, ask and allow the new to unfold."

I understand what you are saying here but may comment later. However I want you to clarify exactly what you meant by the top statement dealing with Ascension. I have some ideas but I will allow you to clarify first. Then I will ask more questions if needed.

Thanks Mark for all of your very good work here. I am also a Navy CPO retiree so I have an affinity for what you do. I await your responses.