Tuesday, December 15, 2009

KOS and Ashtar Update 12/15/09

Mark and Beth went to get an update from KOS and Ashtar on current conditions. A stunning announcment from KOS there likely will be a Bank Holiday. What is holding us up? Ashtar explains they are in the process of finishing the key items in Health Care Reform. Once this passes, it will be possible to finish the final arrests in the House and the Senate. With arrests behind us, we will move on with decloakings and announcements.
KOS: Yesterday there were two bankers who said they could not make it to Washington D.C. for the meeting with President Obama due to weather. Those two bankers are no longer on this time line, and their secretaries called on their behalf. Citigroup and WellsFargo will pay back bailout money to do a good deed and those involved will move forward. This was their last chance to get it right. For a banking Holiday to begin December 16, we would have to have the Federal Reserve close on December 15th. Will that happen? Could be. We have completed the Jerusalem Capital deal and it will be divided between Palestine and Israel. We have issued all the arrest warrants that were required to accomplish that. On December 18th when President Obama is in Copenhagen, there will be new technologies revealed that will clean up the environment in a few months and none of what is being negotiated now will be relevant anymore. All of that discussion is old timeline. The big news now is the worldwide change over in computers. Everything from the old timeline which will not stay, has been erased from computers. This has been a major operation and has effected many things. There have been glitches all over and no one can explain them. Speaking of this the mysterious emails from the Bush Administration have been found and they are the missing link in Indictments of Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Rumsfeld, and others. It will all appear to happen simultaneously and it is not far off.
Be ready, massive changes are on the brink.
Greetings. This is Ashtar. We are coordinating our efforts with millions of Ships now in Earth's Orbit and preparing for mass decloakings. We are expecting hundreds of thousands more to arrive in the days ahead. We are wrapping up the arrests process and this will lead to decloakings and announcements.
President Obama has called Senator Democrats to the White House. This meeting is significant, because Joe Lieberman will be sidetracked. He will surprise everyone by voting for the Health Care Reform with a Public Option built in. There will be significant players at this closed door meeting who will see to it that the right Health Care Reform is written and passed. Those will include Mother Sekhmet and St. Germain. There will be others. There will be the right Health Care Reform Bill passed by the end of the year. Harry Reid has a lot of help to get this done. The vote on the Health Care Bill will be the last thing that happens before the final arrest warrants go out. We will pass the Health Care Reform with all the provisions we wanted and sign it into law. We will then issue the final arrest warrants, which are already written. We will shortly be working with a shadow government as disclosures commence and next year we will have a new election to replace those final members of the house and senate who will be arrested this week.
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