Thursday, November 5, 2009

KOS Breaking News Update 11/5/09

KOS 11/5/09
There are several news items of note today:
EU President
All of Europe is up in arms about the ratified Lisbon Treaty and the full time EU President who will represent all 27 countries in Europe. Before the Treaty was signed, Many believed Tony Blair would be the new EU President. Many in the 13 Families liked this idea. Now, all of a sudden, it turns out, Mr. Blair is not available, all of a sudden, because he has joined a big group at The Hague. After that discovery was made, Czechoslovakia decided it would be ok to ratify the Lisbon Treaty, after all, and they have. Now the 13 Families are absolutely furious and trying to scrabble because now they have a dictatorship on their hands. Who will be the new EU President? Austria's Federal President Heinz Fischer will be the new EU President. He is a double agent and he has agreed to a New Day in politics in Europe.
Taking Down the CIA and Alphabet Agencies
BBC News has re posted several key CIA articles today. It is a history lesson. By themselves, the articles do not stand out, but as a series, they are impressive. Italian Court yesterday convicted 24 CIA agents for kidnapping. This is another one of those trials that started 2 years ago. These CIA agents have not yet been extradited to Italy. Their Attorneys' say they will Appeal. This is not the whole story. After all, why does it take 24 Agents to kidnap one Cleric? This is retribution from Italy. Italy is not pleased, because, along with Germany they will be immediately charged with War Crimes because of their involvement in 911. That news is going to hit the street any second. German Chancellor Merkel knew that when she addressed the Full U.S. Congress early Monday morning. This is an inside job where the bad guys are taking down the bad guys. They are taking each other out at this point.
911 The Truth Shall Out
Right at this moment 911 news stories are flooding into BBC and other choice news venues and the bosses at these places are trying to decide how to handle it. They have all been briefed by me and my agents. There is a protocol to follow. The Truth of the News is becoming a priority now.
Gulf of Aden StarGate
The news story about

Saudi jets 'attack Yemen rebels'

The Saudi air force has attacked rebels in northern Yemen following Wednesday's killing of a Saudi security officer in a border area, reports have said.

KOS: This is a cover story. The bombing is happening as a diversion. They are doing this to cover up the massive amounts of jets running recon to the Gulf of Aden because so many StarShips are exiting the Gulf of Aden StarGate, that they are desperate to get a closer look.

Mark and Beth