Friday, November 27, 2009

New KOS Message from Camp David, Maryland, Thanksgiving Day 2009


Gordon Brown has announced he plans on changing the Monarchy Rules in Britain's Constitution.
He says he is doing this because the rules are from the 1700s and they are outdated.
The Truth is, St Germain, was at Buckingham Palace last Saturday, November 21st.
The Palace was put on lock down because Diana and Dodi were there with Charles and Camilla. They all four sat attentively listening to their instructions on how the change of succession would take place. He told the four of them Diana and Dodi will be taking over the Monarchy in England. Not only that, but the roles will change in many ways. Diana and Dodi will be heralding in a new form of government in England.
Similar changes will happen in other places. As the 13 families leave the stage, so to speak, their old ways of ruling the people will dissolve and new ways will take their place. These new governing bodies will be formed in the months after the Announcements. We will not be using the old systems based on control.
St. Germain went to Gordon Brown, who very soon will also be leaving the stage, and told him today he must, as the UK Leader, go to the press to Announce the Monarchy will never be the same. He is not revealing Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are no longer alive in the Palace, and no longer participating in any daily running of the Palace. These announcements will happen at the time of disclosure. Gordon Brown is making public there will be wide spread sweeping changes in the Monarchy and they will be happening soon. Many UK citizens will be very pleased with the changes. This will be the most publicly known Monarchy change, but in several of the EU Nations, similar changes will be taking place.

Interesting news about the U.S. not being a Member of the ICC because it did not ratify the the Rome Statute. Here is the kicker. Any country who DID ratify the Rome Statute, and falls under the jurisdiction of the ICC, can make a War Crimes arrest of ANY SOLDIER OR THEIR GOVERNMENT LEADERS IN CONFLICTS ON THEIR SOIL. Afghanistan ratified the Rome Statute in 2003. Any Country where the United States has bases, soldiers, or is in any way located, who is a member of the ICC, may bring War Crimes charges of any foreign country participant, or their Government Leaders, all the way up to the Executive Branch. By using Universal Jurisdiction and this rule, together, there is no World Leader in any Country who has immunity from Prosecution. It is Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, who is responsible for keeping the United States out of the ICC. She did this to save her bacon. There are 110 Countries who are Member Nations of the ICC and 38 Countries who have signed but not ratified the Rome Statute. China, Russia, India, and the US will not dodge charges of War Crimes, just because they did not ratify. If they are on foreign soil committing War Crimes, they are under the jurisdiction of the ICC just by being in one of the 110 Countries who are Member Representatives.

When we say The Change Over is Happening Now, we mean, hold on to your hats, it is about to get very very interesting.

Today at Camp David, I met with President Obama and St Germain. There were two others at the meeting. There was a Video Conference with Ashtar and others on the Ships. We were discussing the Master Plan related to revealing Galactic Presence and explaining the arrests and changes in governments around the World. There are operations which will be choreographed together in a sequential flow. The final preparations are at hand. Regarding the meeting at West Point, later next week: What I can say is, the reason the press sites for the meeting is misleading. They are guessing at things they have no knowledge of. There are all kinds of rumors flying out there. For the sake of the military families and their children, I would like to avoid any speculation. Just know, there is much to gain for the dark Hats if an escalation were going to take place. Continue to put out the message that We are not going to buy into False Evidence Appearing Real. The President has waited for weeks to have this meeting to discuss Afghanistan and there are very few people who know what he really will say. He is writing his own speech for that meeting. We will let the Sirian Commander tell you what he wishes to say.

The Time For Peace is now.
Beth and Mark

Doubles, Clones and Holograms "Film Stars"

Question For Mark:

Hi Mark & Beth....
I would just like to say how much upliftment and encouragment your websites have given me. I just have one question. I am British and was very interested when it was reported in you last conference call the The Queen was no longer to be seen in public. I am all in favour of this scenario. I have long thought there was something sinister about the "Windsor" family. However... I don´t understand why she is being seen in public visiting Trinidad with Gordon Brown on a commonwealth visit... This extract was taken from a news website.. "Britain's Queen Elizabeth II arrived in Trinidad and Tobago on Thursday to a wave of enthusiasm but also concern as some world leaders wonder if they can reach an agreement on climate change ahead of an upcoming international summit". I would appreciate your "Take" on this. Many thanks... Keep up the excellent work. XXXX. (Southern Spain)

Regarding the Queen and her current status:

Dear XXXX,
We appreciate your dry British humor very much.

Gordon Brown has taken the next step in which he has announced a revision of the 1701 law regarding succession in the Monarchy. He set that up in the press. However, KOS said last night, when St Germain was in Buckingham Palace 11/21/09, the Palace was locked down because Diana and Dodi and Charles and Camilla were present. St Germain was discussing with these leaders how the succession would go. St Germain explained that Diana and Dodi will take over the Monarchy and establish a new form of government, we call in Co-Regeancy. This will be publicly announced when Full Disclosure is made. People will be delighted to see the clones of Diana and Dodi were taken out, but the Originals Diana and Dodi were removed from the Country before that took place, and in fact are married with two new children. A box was off the central parlour and in it was the Queen, long rest her Soul. St Germain said, you have done your work brilliantly and you will not see the Queen anymore. Because we published that story, they announced a Bermuda appearance and you will note from the actual film, old film footage were used. This brings up a subject you may or may not be conversant with; clones, doubles, and holograms. It appears we must ask you to suspend judgment and consider the facts given by Faction 3, 38 levels above the President. In order to preserve continuity of World Markets and normal governmental processes, certain devices have been utilized. Trained doubles are a well known and long standing practice, for leaders to be appear to be attending trivial functions while in fact they are attending private meetings. Because of the delicacy of issues involved, these other High Level meetings are not publicized.
Now expand this idea into the medical scientific area, where unbeknownst to the public, the practice of cloning has been standardized, for longer than we have been here on the Planet. They can take a single strand of DNA and scan and insert this into a prepared synthetic model and grow, in tanks, a new vehicle, in which they can transfer the memory of the original.
Every time they duplicate One, there is less and less DNA to use, so the clone deteriorates faster. Some last 1 month, 6 months, or one year, by different methods. When Top Leaders travel around the World, especially asassinations, a "blank" Clone is kept nearby. when One drops or becomes defective, they can in about 8 minutes insert the memories into a current 'blank' and they can pick up a conversation as if nothing ever happened. This actually happened to Bush Sr. when he was at a State Dinner in Japan, an assasination sniper shot him in the forehead and he plopped forward into his dinner as his wife sat next to him and all the World was watching. They carried him into the back room and transfered his knowledge into the Clone Bush Sr and It appeared 20 minutes later and finished his dinner. His wife, Barbara, immediately knew he had been replaced. Faction 3 revealed to us they had carried 8 "blanks" [Clones] with them on AirForce 1. This actually constituted the 34th revision with the Original having been killed many years before. There have been 34 copies and the current One has now ceased to function. The only original Leaders are Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and they still walk the streets, and will continue. Bill Clinton did have doubles and clones, but he has not been killed, as the others were. No clones of Obama have been made, or will be made. That practice is over.
Another form of this is when the clone proves unreliable, they can still make a hologram. The beauty of this is the hologram is easily programmed and more easily controlled. Most Illuminati World Leaders are in this form now. In other words, the Original has Expired. A few will be tried publicly in the Hague (IJC-World Court) before being turned off. All Illuminati Heads of State are to be removed. Holographic "Film Versions" will be in place until Full Disclosure is made. At least 400 of the U.S. Congress are "Film Stars".
p.s. The Holograms do not know they are holograms, and the same is true for Clones, Except the Clone Jimmy Carter, he remembers everything.