Monday, November 9, 2009

St Germain Speaks on 11/11 through end of the year

St Germain speaks to Beth & Mark 11/09/09:

St Germain will you share with us what you know about the next three days and also the interval through the end of this year?
The last time we heard you speak, almost a week ago,on Ashtar-0n-the-Road, you talked about the Bank of St Germain.
Please, do tell us more.

SG Answers:
It is I, St. Germain. Greetings you two. There is magic afoot.
You are about to see your world magically dissolve.

There will be reports of decloaked craft all over the World. There will not be a lot of news about arrests. That part will be down played.
People will focus on the joy of decloakings and the sensations of a half-step increase in consciousness and heart opening. It will be easy, gentle, compassionate, and loving. It will be a song, a warm breeze, relief where there has been none.

Shortly after, there will be Announcements. This long televised briefing will include information about the arrests. Now at this time, everyone will have an open heart and a half step increase in consciousness. Everyone will have a better capability of understanding.

There are many new to your group,who have questions; with a half-step increase, they will grok all that they do not now quite understand. These ones will help the other newly awakening ones.

Everyone is simply throwing off societies' lies. Everyone is throwing off their upbringing and the dogma placed on them. All is as it should be. Each person is developing, increasing their ascension, at the perfect rate, for their Plan, their Mission.

There are things that can hold a person back. The portal opening of 11/11/09 is the time to shed off the old timeline.

This is the time to look inside and reflect on anything within yourself that needs changing. To begin, look at your physical body, are you treating it well? Do you eat well? Do you get out in nature? Do you have loving relationships? Do you love your work, work your passion?

Are there any of these things that need corrections, revisions? How about your personal finances? Are there promises you have made and have not kept? Do you have correspondence waiting? Are you procrastinating on business which needs your attention? Are there emails you should send? What about your personal space and your vehicle? Have you kept your area clean, kept up with maintenance? Are you in a safe environment? Are your children taken care of? Are all your priorities in order, as you desire them?

11/11 is about ironing out all the wrinkles. It is about being honest with yourself, and applying the necessary polish to the surface of You that is needed.
Now, soon the Bank of St. Germain will be open for business.

Does it make sense to take anything from the Old Timeline into a new space where problems are wiped away? There will be lingering issues, of any of these things that have not been handled before now.
Take these last few seconds, look around, be honest with yourself. Change what can be changed. Accept - and Love - that which cannot be changed.
Be wise and know the difference.
The portal will open, will you be clear when you walk through it?

St Germain


  1. What did St. Germaine mean when he said, "Does it make sense to take anything from the Old Timeline into a new space where problems are wiped away?"

  2. Mark, I have been waiting to hear commentary on the Fort Hood incident, but have only heard commentary from Factions 1, and 2. Does Faction 3 have anything to say?

  3. Mark
    Once the announcement is made and Nesara is announced will we have to go back to jobs that are not focused on the betterment of our earth?

  4. On 11/12 MS, heard needing $5,000 ? & where are people on SocSec stading in the new change before NESARA.
    Last,...possible for Mentor to be twin flame or
    is that two seperate energies/beings?
    Gratefull to you & for you