Tuesday, October 27, 2009


MARK: Welcome. I would like to start right off and say that this is a special conference call and it was called at the request of the KOS and Ashtar. The purpose of this is to emphasize right now to everyone that things are speeding up and don’t look at your calendar. Stay connected inside yourself because things could happen at any time of the day or night. This whole emphasis today is on understanding that you are going home in a way that maybe you haven’t thought much about. I apologize for anyone who has, but most of us have been working on this for so many years, [and it has been so far into the future even though we keep doing every single day, more and more and more. Nonetheless, it is very easy to put it off and think, well, this is something way out there in the future. Well, we are here to say today, everyone is telling this, that the time is NOW.
Kauila, I know you weren’t expecting me to ask you this and I apologize, but I will ask you anyway. You got a message from the KOS and because of the short time you have to be with us because you are headed south to Peru, would it be possible for you to recap the message from the KOS?
KAUILA: Aloha everyone. We are just calling in the spirits of recall. The angels of recall. I get them and sometimes I don’t remember what they were. I listened to it on the way over here. What really stood out in my mind was that the primary point, at least from my perspective was that, he said to be prepared for change in an instant. In other words, individually, be ready. If you are going in one direction, be prepared to go in the exact opposite direction. You may be called to a certain area and all of a sudden you hear a voice saying nope, go over here. The three words I remember most of all at the end were listen, listen, listen. That means listen to within.
The KOS had a very brief message and there is a link to it on the GRT message page, and again basically that’s what he was saying is that we are very close to announcements. Again, I believe, he said no dates, no flukes, no nukes, no quantum jukes. Those were the exact words, but there is very much a lot happening right now and I guess that would be the summary of it, Mark. I know that you and Beth had some, there were some codes in there for you. I know there are codes, in other words, messages maybe specific to each individual, that you will hear what you need to hear. So if you listen to it, you might want to listen to it once or twice, maybe three times. What are the codes for you, what is the message telling you?
MARK: Well thank you, Kauila. Glad you could join us even for a short time and we want to wish you the best of luck on your trip south. We know there’s an important operation that you are gong to be a part of there in Peru in the Lake Titicaca area on Quo Island. We say Aloha to all of our friends there and know you are going to have a great time. We hope we are all up here having a great time also because no matter where you are, you are in the perfect place. That message from the KOS saying, listen, listen, listen, means don’t look outside. Look inside and just don’t say, well I don’t hear, because this time you just might well hear. The thing is, to think about, as we go forward on this call, think about if I were to hear internally to go to a certain location, am I prepared to do that?
KAUILA: If I may add one thing. There are stages in every process, but sometimes it’s just you are presented with obstacles or shall we say, things that you didn’t expect, but again, it’s the willingness to do whatever you have to do. To go through to get to where you know you are to go. Being in Illinois for myself is quite a change for me, and kind of dealing with weather and stuff like that which is very minor. I mean it is very beautiful, but it’s just not your home territory necessarily, but whatever obstacles come up, all I’ve been doing is just remembering my reasons for being here. The stage for the next stage to go to Peru, which again is just a stage. A stage for operations or whatever will be carried out. But if something were to say the minute I was in the airport getting on a plane, saying no, you get on a plane going to Bolivia. You know, whatever is called for, let us be willing to do what we are asked to do and do it joyfully.
MARK: Okay thank you, Kauila. Tara wanted to say something.
TARA: Yes, I just was asked to look at, and in a nutshell, I can’t say much more, but I’ll put it in her [Barbara Hand Clow] words. The first sentence in the last paragraph.
MARK: Barbara Hand Clow’s New Moon message [dated 10/18/09].
TARA: Libra October 18th, it is the new moon in Libra. The time to balance and harmonize your progress with being “in the now” and all that grounding that you accomplished during the Virgo new moon.
MARK: So we’ll talk a little more about that as soon as Rama comes in and gets us some hard news because we want to make sure that you understand the importance of this day and the changes astrologically that are happening. Do you have something more, Tara?
TARA: Yes. The other paragraph at the end. There will be great pressure to reform, based on fairness and truth, and structures that resist this will fall like dominoes. This is the upper square after the Saturn Pluto conjunctions of 1981 to 1983 and their oppositions in 2001 and 2002. So maybe the truth about 9/11 will be revealed so that the United States can stop fighting everybody else in the world. This is a deep thoughtful new moon which encourages us to go into our hearts and find peace and love. It is the time to work on yourself since the only thing you can change is you. Enjoy the falling leaves.
MARK: So there you have Barbara Hand Clow reiterating this general message that we were about today is, it is time, it is being verified, it is being echoed by astrology, it is being echoed in the news of the day, and speaking of that, Rama would you care to give us a little hard news?
RAMA: Oh my. Well, like it’s being said on all levels, change is the biggest expectation and change is how this comes into a place where we get to meet our galactic brothers and sisters. This is what it is all about. Going home. Today, Jack Rice let it rip on the Jack Rice Show. He laid it all out and it goes back from 1979 on. Roll back the Reagan tax cuts and indict these people from that moment on for economic high treason and genocide all the way to present day 2009. This is where we are at in terms of the exposure of the cabals. He described in detail, Mr. George H. Scherff's life and Otto "Rambo" Skorzeny [in his deathbed confession, provided pictures that outed Bush/Scherff] and the other stories going on out there about the sick puppy attitude that George Bush has about the left side of the aisle. The way Jack Rice put it is, I’ve been in and out of the [Intel] agencies as it were, and the final lynch pin, cotter pin, fell out and the machine is no more. Make peace with your God as you go about your business.
TARA: Sounds like a pattern. Everyone is aware now that it is happening.
RAMA: He also said that the 10,000 mark with the stock market…..
TARA: False flag.
RAMA: False flag. The folks on Wall Street are about to be turned in on a dime. There are still stories that Mr. Madoff hasn’t talked about yet. That is what Jack Rice said. When Mr. Madoff talks, that is maybe the final piece and he may be calling for last confession in the next few moments. That is what the word on the street is out there. That is going to take down all the 13 families, and he may take a walk into the sunset with the Lavender Lad, because Mr. Madoff has to answer for his crimes against humanity as being the, you know, selling Peter and Paul for a dime, as it were. On a bigger scale, I got to call up Jack Rice and speak to him, and I just said, what do you know about the biggest story that’s not been discussed which is First Contact? He said, I will tell you straight out, it is not about Area 51 or Pine Gap, it is about the true brothers and sisters that we know that connect on those higher levels, and he said, even if they were to try to attempt to play with Project Bluebeam, short circuit. You know, it is going to fizzle out.
MARK: I just want to mention, Rama, that Jack Rice was an insider, a CIA operative for many years. He does know what he is talking about, and when he said his comments about the good brothers and sisters of each of our families that are coming here and are here. There is no delay in arrival. I can assure you of that. They are here and they are here in such massive amounts [numbers], and the reason they are here isn’t what the dark fellows are afraid of. What they are afraid of is the fact that they are here to help us, each and all, awaken and remember that we and they are ONE. Our hearts will very soon tell us that personally from within.
That means when they decloak, this will be a massive decloaking. It won’t be one or two here and there. It will be every country, over every sky, and at that time your heart will open in such a way that there will be no thought of violence on anyone’s part. It will be strictly a matter of coming home. You will feel home within you.
So with that, I thank you Rama, Tara and I think we will now go on and start our program. I wanted to mention that today, Ashtar asked us to go to several planets, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, and Venus, and we will be discussing what we saw, what we experienced in each one of these places. The first thing I want to tell you out of the box, we will be talking about different dimensional levels than you are used to. Everyone here is used to, when you say a name, you are thinking about 3rd dimension. 99% isn’t on the 3rd dimension. Actually, just make it 100% because everything starts…..
TARA: This is manifestation here.
MARK: Everything starts in anti-matter and then is reflected into matter. So everything we do and say came from anti-matter first. So when we mention different dimensions of existence, and you are wondering why aren’t they talking about 3D planets, the answer is that is not where it is at. You are existing on all those levels too, so when you get there, you will already be there. So you will just remember that and this is not a rare thing that Beth and Mark or Rama and Tara have been to see. This is something that impacts you directly. Your family is speaking to you from these places and they are so eager for you to be going home. In the sense of remembering who you are, who they are, and that we are one family, and they have been waiting for incredible amounts of time to be able to share this, but they can’t do it until this last piece comes in. So we went there to bring the message back.
So I would like to start with a little brief experience we had on Pluto. I am talking about Beth and Mark. We link up as you know, on the phone, then we take off, we go out of body and sometimes we are intercepted as we go out of body by St. Germain or the KOS or Ashtar or all of them, and they go with us and others go with us. They become our guides, so when we went to Pluto, we took with us St. Germain and Queen Maab. As you know, she is the Queen of the Fairies located here on the Earth, while her Twin Flame is on the Pegasus Star Ship and that is the Pleiadian High Council embodied on that location. They have been senior guardians of all the nature kingdoms, so by having her with us, we started to go with just St. Germain and suddenly I got the message, no, there is a female energy that is very important to go with you. To go to Pluto and to Neptune, and so she raised her hand and said, that would be me.
RAMA: Pluto is a desert world.
MARK: Well, but there were other reasons for taking her on that particular thing, because we were going to go to Pluto first and then to Neptune. I’m just going to talk about Pluto right now.
So we joined St. Germain and Queen Maab and as usual, we called our Twin Flames in so all the energies would be balanced, and then we traveled out of body to see Pluto. There are very large structures on Pluto. Pluto, was, in ancient Cultures, a far-off Land of Riches. The Egyptians traveled here in craft to trade for Gold, rare minerals, jewels, building needs, stones, food stuffs, herbs, liquids, and raw materials. There are very rare crystals, musical devices and technologies from an incredible array of intergalactic locations. Pluto is an epicenter of wealth and an intergalactic trading post. To get in, a Fleet of Ships can come here for your needs, to bring your best negotiators for trading. It isn’t money that is traded. It is goods, services, it is knowledge and they have it in large abundance. You bring your best people, but you also bring goods and craft for trading.
When we arrived there, we are greeted by a Lion’s roar. Paschats are there. They are the guardians of the stacks of goods out to be searched. Paschats are friendly, for the most part, but they are guardians. There are Ones of many colors here, different body types. There is a feeling of pirates and adventures. There is a feeling of far-off exotic places. You may see all cultures here. Some are covered in hair from head to toe, like wookies. Some are like preying mantis, or other natural looking creatures. Some are very tall, some are very short, and the skin colors are all kinds. Much of the Planet is built up. There are landing docks speckled all over the landscape. There are relaxation areas also for visiting for extended stays. There is lodging and amusement for the off-Planet visitors. There are a lot of spacecraft here and it is very congested. It is a bustling metropolis. Pluto is also a trading center of ideas and magic.
People come here to gain new abilities, to learn new things. Pluto attracts rare Beings offering their talents. It is a paradise with beaches and mountains and the mentors are drawn here for extended holidays. Now the reason I say this about the beaches and paradise, is that we were actually on the 8th dimension. The world you see with your 3D eyes is very different. That [3D Pluto] is a desert. But this where we were [8th dimensional Pluto] had beaches and it was an absolute paradise. With floating, you might say anti-gravity was used, to have floating buildings and things of this sort.
TARA: I have just one question. Are there such things as good pirates?
MARK: Oh yes. Yes.
TARA: Okay, just checking.
RAMA: Yes there are good pirates.
MARK: It’s like Pirates of the Caribbean. It is also a ride/entertainment [at Disneyland and Disneyworld]. But we happen to know a couple of people that were intergalactic traders that were a little edgy with their ethics, but that’s not on this level. When you get up in the higher dimensions, it is all ascended beings. So if you are lucky, you may find just the right one here while you are visiting. That is to say, you might find a Twin Flame floating around and bump into them by prior arrangement of course, whether you know it or not. Anything you think you may want or need, you can find on Pluto.
TARA: Is this like Riza?
RAMA: It can be.
MARK: It’s paradise on the 8th dimension.
RAMA: It can be like Riza and adventures do happen.
TARA: I’m just asking the authority that I know that has been there, so I’m sorry everybody, but yes, Rama?
RAMA: I have had more than one heated discussion over goods on Pluto.
TARA: Uh oh.
RAMA: Yeah.
MARK: So there is sharp trading going on there.
TARA: So are we done with all that kind of behavior?
RAMA: All done, all done.
MARK: You may want to have a visit there. You might even have many friends there that you might want to remember, especially on the 8th dimension. Remember, I think I should stop here and remind everyone, you have been told for so long that you have 2 strands of DNA. Well, we’ve been converting over to crystalline structure and also our DNA has been upgraded, or you might say, reactivated and re-hooked up. Now you have 12 strands of physical DNA and you have 10 strands of etheric DNA which is the next body out from the physical, so you already have this and it is activated. That is going to have very accelerated effects here with the decloakings, and we’ll get in to that a little more later. But remember, you can go there now. You already have the equipment to take an 8th dimensional ride to Pluto. It’s not a place though of permanent residence, there are very few there [mostly] Administrators.
Rama, I wanted to ask you, I have a recollection about the trading houses. The main trading families that this is, we are talking millions of years now, that have worked out of there and have permanent family or business trading houses there in that location. Do you know anything more that you can share about the other trading houses?
RAMA: What I could share is that some of these trading houses, they are like warehouses there, but they are miles long. They are not like buildings, they use [area] beyond city blocks. They go for 10-15 miles filled with goods, and most of the families are, some are Arcturians, some are Sirians, some are Pleiadians and they have been there since from the beginning.
MARK: Right. We are talking not just even millions of years, we are talking billions of years.
TARA: Yes, but yet what I think I’m getting [as] a message is that everything in that experience changes at the same moment that we go through this door we are talking about, home.
RAMA: Yeah.
TARA: Yes, I mean, even that is past history, is it not?
MARK: Well, no, we were just there yesterday. [laughter]
TARA: I know, yet, true to passing together as a planet through the enactment process brings it instantly is what I’m getting. I am just saying that even that is on a lower density to what we are about to do with Pluto, etc.
MARK: Well, we asked St. Germain who was guiding us there about the trading families, and he was talking about our own family, the House of An. And he said, well, that is one of about 5 major ones that have been there. He said, just think of Pluto as a swap meet, a megamall, and a vacation destination all rolled up into one. The trader family, House of An, keep[ing] up with supply and demand sometimes in their favor, but in a fair trade system as well.
Yes, they are waiting for peace to be declared here to invite us to come there and for them to come here. You are going to have some opportunities to see some exciting things and people, exotic beyond our ability to describe them now, and it is going to be so much fun because they are all totally ascended beings. They have their heart totally open and it is just going to be a reunion celebration. It is going to be hard to imagine that you never knew about it before. Well you did, because you come from all of those places that are going to be coming here, and that is nothing but family.
So Beth, can I ask you now to take us out of Pluto and stop with Queen Maab on Neptune and describe what we found out there?
BETH: Hi. I would love to, thank you. Mark and I went out of body to visit Neptune, and we did these little jaunts because Ashtar asked us to bring back what we could see from these different places, and the purpose of it is to invite everyone who is listening to a homecoming. To open your imaginations and think about going to these places in meditation, in your day dreams and in your night dreams, and exploring these places for yourself, and coming back from your heart center to a memory for what is home to you. I just wanted to remind everybody that on Tuesday there is going to be an Ashtar-on-the-Road call, and if you go to the website, then you are going to find 3 homecoming exercises that are meditations that can connect you to your home. So if you want to check those out, we will put all that information out on our website and in the transcript.
3 Homecoming Exercises:
Ashtar has asked that we all repeat these exercises as often as possible. They were given on three consecutive teleconferences.
1. Sananda addressing the August 11, 2009 teleconference:
"Greetings, Beloved Family. It is I, Sananda, and I stand before you in Truth and in Love, Eternal and Infinite. And I welcome you to this sacred place, this altar if you will. And I recognize your courage and your bravery to stand here with us, to become one with us, in that part of you which you might call your conscious 3D being. And we welcome you to bring yourselves up and out of that vibration which you have done so beautifully, and to take your place as conscious Citizens of the Galactic Federation representing all of Planet Earth, and as conscious inhabitants, if you will, dwellers of that which you call the fifth dimension - Christ Consciousness.
"And so we are here now, and we ask that you stand and simply repeat, if you will out loud, or to yourselves, but just affirm, and I will say the words for you. I have not done this before with this group, and if you sense a bit of a stronger voice at this time, it is because my partner, the one you know as KOS [King of Swords], is here also, and is so pleased and honored to be with us in this way. And so I say unto you, here are the words:
I come before my Family
My Family of the Galactic Federation and Beyond
And I stand in representation
Of all of Planet Earth
And all of her Kingdoms
And I stand here to affirm
That I now join myself as a member
With the members of the Galactic Federation
And all of its representatives
I do so with my heart
And with my conscious mind
And I bring all of my being into this union
And I resolve to do my utmost
To live from this day forward
In the highest dimensions and realities
Of Truth
And Joy
And Love
Eternal and Infinite
And Love I AM
And Joy I be
And this is the greatest gift I give
To Planet Earth
And to the Galaxy
And to the One I AM

2. Ashtar addressing the August 25, 2009 teleconference:
"..You all know the homeland is Lemuria. So what we are going to do tonight is bring Lemuria to each and every one of you. Lemuria is already there in your heart, Beloved Ones, it is there, so we are going to activate it so that each and every one of you can hold hands and join heart to heart with each other and feel, if you will, call it the Lemurian citizenship, your heritage. After all, you came from the galaxy and beyond, and we asked those of you who felt ready to stand forth and affirm that, the last time we were in communion with each other.
"So now it's time for you to anchor Lemuria, firmly activate it. It's already there, so we are going to bring you, if you are ready, to stand with us. So we are going to ask you to affirm your coming home to your homeland in your heart. We ask that you allow us to bring you on waves of love to this most sacred and holy of places, that you may join together once more as you were together in the very beginning when you stepped out of the craft and when you slowed down your Merkaba craft long enough to take your places here. No matter who you are, no matter where you are from originally, you have all the homeland in your hearts and in your beings.
"And so, Beloved Ones, we come to this point in our togetherness when if you choose, and if you are ready, we are taking you to the higher dimensions that you may feel the connection with that which is your homeland on Planet Earth. And so if you choose to do so, repeat after me and I, Ashtar, shall lead this ceremony of homecoming and so we shall begin:
I stand tall in my being
And I see myself upon the shore
And I feel the sand beneath my feet
And I honor the rocks from which this beautiful island has been made
And I take myself back to the beginning
When this was a land of welcoming
A landing place for me.
I came in representation
Of my homeland in the stars
And I claimed this land as my earth homeland
And now I see
The colors of Lemuria shining bright
In all of my being
And I feel the connections once more
To this holy and sacred land,
And I feel the peace and the joys
And the empowerment
Of the sovereign I AM.
And I stand forth now
As a citizen of Lemuria
Home again in my heart
And in all of my being
And I shine forth
The light of 'Welcome Home'
To all of Planet Earth and beyond
And I represent my homeland
With joy
And peace
And love
Infinite and ongoing
And I say to myself
I AM the Spirit
I AM the Divinity
I AM the Sacred Being
Citizen of Lemuria
And so it is.

3. Ashtar addressing the September 8, 2009 teleconference:
"..We are going, Beloveds, to your home in the stars. That is why we are telling you, you each have a slightly different location to go to. And for each one of you the actual experience will be different. This is coming to your home before you came to Lemuria. We are going to your roots. And some of you may have the experience of stopping at one place and going to another. Go with it. What we are wanting for you all, whether at this moment or as you practice this, is to connect in some manner, you might get some kind of words, you might get a bit of language of light, you might get a vision or just a tingling or something that tells you, and you will get a sense of where you are. And as we say, if you don't quite get there tonight you're gonna go up high, and you are going to get the way that we offer to you, to accomplish it.
"And so without any further words from I, Ashtar, we are going to say to you just relax, be comfortable, wherever you are and however that comfort is best enjoyed, and yes, it does help to close your eyes. And now just take some deep breaths and just breathe. We will have a familiar conveyance for you, so that having been there before, most all of you have, you will feel familiar with it, and once we get to the destination we are going to, simply ask you to experience whatever there is to experience, and we shall have a pause in the words for you to do that.
"So now in your mind's eye, see in front of you those oh, wonderful, familiar, welcoming doors to your very own personal elevator. And once again as you approach oh, the brilliance of the crystals from which the elevator is formed, they are so magnificent, and they welcome you and you feel so joyful moving through the open doors. They open just at the sight of you, just at the recognition of you coming, you don't even have to push any buttons. This is your personal elevator space, it is your personal transportation, if you will, to your destination. Now come inside and the doors will close when you are safe and secure inside, and take a moment as the elevator oh, so gently lifts off, and just feel the energies, the warmth, the joy of coming into this space again.
"Anticipation is there, yes, and it's yours to enjoy because you know this is so special, and you may even overflow a bit with the wondrous energies; remember this whole group of us is there with you in your own crystalline elevator. And see the sparkles, and see the beautiful lights, the colors are just for you, and you may hear some music, you may feel a coolness, a kind of a little refreshing breeze, or you may feel some lovely warmth enveloping you. And you are oh, so comfortable and you are oh, so relaxed and your joy is almost to the point of overflowing and just allow yourself to come up, up, up even more. Enjoy in bliss, rise, Beloved Ones, rise. And know that you are leaving Planet Earth in its third dimension far behind, and that you are soaring out through the solar systems, and some of you may find your destination among the planets and the stars of this very own solar system to which Earth belongs.
"And if you find that your elevator takes you there, it is wondrous indeed, and some of you will journey on perhaps out into other places in the Milky Way, the galaxy, which is so familiar to you, and some will go beyond to other galaxies and other parts of the Universe but, miracle of miracles, when you have arrived at your destination, you know that you have known exactly where to go, your guidance team and your very own personal elevator, your conveyance, has brought you to the perfect place. And, miracle of miracles, it seems as though everyone is arriving at about the same time, as you measure time.
"And so when your elevator has brought you to exactly your place from which you as a newly-created being arose and came forth as a citizen of that place, and remember you can be a dual citizen, just allow in your mind's eye, allow your elevator doors to open effortlessly and easily. And yes, take a look out, it's safe, it's wondrous indeed, and the lights are shining there bright for you, and oh, it is so beautiful, and the lights are so beautiful. And the feelings that you have are so connected and you know, Beloved Ones, you know that this is your home, before Lemuria, this Beloved Ones, is your home place before you came to Earth the first time as a volunteer. And so savor it, step out of your elevator, connect, connect with this place, it is wondrous, it is a high dimension that you are stepping into. You have traveled through time and space, you have arrived, Beloved Ones, you have arrived! Let your visions flow freely throughout your being, and now take some time to savor the moments and to enjoy the realities of this place as they present themselves to you, blissfully, joyfully and heart to heart."
BETH: So now I would like to share with you what we saw when we were on Neptune, and it is going to sound a little bit fantasy, but this is what we saw. I think that’s the reason why Ashtar asked us to go out and look. I was just as surprised because I haven’t done this before. So this a description of what we saw at Neptune.
We went there with St. Germain and Queen Maab. They were our tour guides. There are many interesting beings on Neptune, all incarnated here to invite the experience of being on a planet that is all about love.
NEPTUNE report:
There are many interesting Beings on Neptune. All incarnated here invite the experience of being on a Planet all about LOVE. Mark and I and our Twin Flames travel on to Neptune.
Neptune's energy is very green and lush, and verdant. Queen Mab and St Germain are with us. There are purple forests which come right up to the shores of the beach. The skies here are blue and the sun is yellow white. We travel over the Sea in our Craft. It is tropical here, temperate, many trees and wildlife here, swinging in the trees, flying ones and crawling ones, life here is abundant. We are in our craft and dive down into tunnels which are cut out of rock underground. We go a long way through these tunnels. At the end there is sunlight and back up.
Queen Mab has brought us to a meadow, and it has Fairies which are our size walking around and cavorting with Elves with pointed ears. There are species here of the Flower People. I also see the Lady Bug Lady. There is frivolity and magic at play, many are laughing and playing in the meadow. There are giant amethyst and ruby boulders in the grass of the meadow.

In the distance is a crystal orb, as big as we are. It is glowing like a light. We are invited to walk into it. We do and we tumble around and come out of this gateway to a sandy beach which is serene. There is white sand, trees and quiet surf. The sun shines over the water, the water sparkles.

We get into a craft to explore more of Neptune. Neptune is very large compared to Earth and covered in forest. As we fly over, they show me that the magical forests go on and on. Neptune has a series of StarGates. When you enter one, it is hard to know where you will come out. They are short cuts to other parts of the Planet. Earth has the same potential, connecting inner and outer Earth. There are also other portals connecting Hawaii with South America, the Pacific Isles and Europe, as well as the Mediterranean, just to name a few. Neptune and Earth are similar this way.
Neptune is the 9th Dimension. The buildings here look enchanted, as if built by Elves. There are stained glass windows, so when you walk inside, colors are at play casting colored shadows and bright spots on the floor where you walk. There are windows all over allowing the space to be filled with light. Walkways connect buildings, and when you are walking inside, you have the feeling you are outside. There is a very natural feeling here.

Queen Mab tells us more: All the nature spirits make Neptune their home. The trees and rivers, the sea water and sky are all sentient. The animals talk to you. The flowers and some insects have crossed their DNA with the two-leggeds. There are tribes of flower people here living in giant forests with expansive meadows. It is a perfect spot where giant fruits grow on the trees and giant precious crystals dot the landscape. Everything here lives in peace. One comes to Neptune to rest in nature. The elemental spirits come here to experience several lifetimes worth of abundant sharing with all in the magical and natural realms. We have many kinds of good dragons here, in the sky, mountains, and sea. All of the sea life speaks and interacts in cities built under the sea. On Earth there are whole civilizations under the sea, which transplants [transplanted beings] from Neptune built. Not all of them "sunk". We also have creatures here who would like to make Earth their new home, unicorns, fairies, elves, sprites, winged horses, gnomes, and many others. As Terra Nova becomes a Planet of Peace, these family members will return and bring their magic.
Thank you for coming here with me for a visit today. We hope others will follow you here in their meditations and in their day dreams, as often as they would like.
~Queen Mab
MARK: Well thank you, Beth, for that. When we were talking, after we came back, we were discussing the fact that we had gone to the south of France and entered a portal there that took us to Inner Earth. We took a regular elevator down through an opening, let’s just call it that, an entrance that had a regular modern elevator that took us down deep into the Earth, and we opened up. Queen Maab was there and met us there and we were just remarking how similar in many ways what we found on Neptune was to the magical realms here on the Earth, and she is here to bring that all back out. Just as there, as we had on Neptune, if you walked into an area you would see a mist. If you walked into the mist, you would suddenly enter a new realm or you would drop down through a, you might say, an anti-gravity chute and you would very gently descend. But the second you crossed the portal entrance, you would be in a whole different realm and these were dotted all over the place. This was very similar to that, and many of the same kinds of beings were there also, so [what] I just wanted to say is that you can explore this here on Earth as well as go to these places. That was 9th dimension and the Earth will only be 5th dimension, but many of the same beings and more and more are here right now. They are up for all of us to experience.
TARA: I just got a message, stay tuned. Expect the unexpected even at what we have been given a little limitation to see if we could do something. When we get to 2012, what Mark just said will have been amended because all time will be present.
MARK: Yes, and we did ask about the changing situation, you might say, with respect to them. What we were told is, get ready. Zero point is NOW. Don’t look at linear time anymore. Be in the moment. Understand, magic is afoot and it is all incredibly wonderful, exciting, joyful, and everywhere and everything that happens after the scoundrels leave, [as] these exposures are happening right and left. Beth, did you want to mention just a brief note on that story you saw on BBC yesterday that was picked up by the New York Times and the Washington Post?
BETH: Yes. There was a UK citizen who traveled to Pakistan and he was picked up and he was held and eventually sent to Guantanamo where he unfortunately suffered 4 years of torture. During this time, he had gone to 4 different places as he was kept as a prisoner. He never got charged with anything, but he suffered many abuses. He was allowed to return back to UK not long ago where he filed a lawsuit. Now, there had been 5 judgments that came out on this lawsuit and what is important to know about this is that….. I lost my train of thought.
MARK: You were talking about the 5 judgments of the high court in the UK. This is not a low court, this is a high court, and it is like a Supreme court decision that was rendered, and part of that had to do with 7 paragraphs talking about what could be told to the public without violating security between the United States and the UK. The judges basically ruled finally, this started in August of last year, but they finally ruled that the intelligence services had not presented a compelling argument, and had been less [than honest] , had not shown candor in their representations to the court or to the government. In other words, they had lied. They had suggested that the current U.S. President was sustaining a policy that would not allow this case to be made public because there were 42 documents that detailed the CIA and Hillary Clinton’s involvement in suppressing [and] controlling this information.
Those documents detailed how they took this gentleman through extraordinary rendition from his country. Picked him up (he had a valid passport) and took him to Morocco and took him to other places and finally ended up in Gitmo Bay in Cuba where they kept him the rest of that time. He was never charged with anything. What they were saying, this is an abuse of the secrecy, this is an abuse of everything, and British MI-5 appealed this Supreme court decision on the grounds of national security. Said this would irreparably harm relations between the US, and we are talking about the CIA and the SIS which is the Secret Investigative Services of the UK. They finally, they didn’t even allow them, it took a year for the judge to be permitted even to identify who those two parties were that were filing back and forth, and Hillary Clinton was identified and she [said she] represented Barack Obama as appealing everything she had said about why it couldn’t be released and that was not true. In fact, they then, the court, went through the series of statements by Barack Obama personally and actions that he took. They said his actions and his words together were sufficient proof for them to say, that that representation was incorrect [Hillary's] and therefore the case could go forward to judgment and that it did go forward to judgment and the judgment is being appealed. But in fact now, it is all over the Internet.
BETH: Mark, I would like to share what was the most significant part of this to me. The actual judgment, all it said was just, simply, last time we released our judgment we left out 7 paragraphs and now we feel we should include them, because it is not, we don’t need to ban these torture documents. It is not a breach of natural security so we are going ahead and publish[ing] them. Well the 7 paragraphs are not that interesting. What is interesting is that the article came out on BBC, and they published the whole judgment, and in the whole judgment they quoted the Bush Administration which would be George W saying, threatening the UK if they allowed those 7 paragraphs to go out. They quoted the conversations implicating Hillary Clinton and they quoted Barack Obama who on January 22nd, after he got home from his Inaugural Ball, the first thing he did was to send memos that Gitmo was going to be closed because it does not help our safety and it goes against our moral authority.
You can be assured that this is over with now. We are not going to do that anymore. So the documents that came out on BBC, that was the final judgment of the case, the 7 paragraphs were not that important. What was important was it highlighted how, it said in this document, it alluded that because President Obama never said more about this meeting, he was silent, so he led people to believe that he wasn’t going to say anymore about it, and that forced the UK courts to release these documents and by doing it legally that way, now they are on the record, so that helps move forward with other arrests or other legal actions. That was to me, the interesting thing of this whole news story because it highlighted how President Obama works with both hats on, you know. But he did it to lead this legal action to move forward the right way, to give us what we needed to do things the way they have to be done through the courts. That is my impression and that is just my personal opinion.
TARA: I was just gonna say Beth, I was in the room after November 4th elections were declared for Obama, with the CIA and that was in the debriefing. In that 6-hour debriefing session....... and it is now coming to our understanding. This is what has been going on with the help of the KOS. Yes, everybody.
MARK: Well, I know that we were talking on a different subject about our travels, and telling you that you now have the capability of going to these places out of body, in your dream time, or any other way. More and more, this will be upgraded as we have decloakings, because a lot of your inner abilities or higher abilities, if you want to call them that, have been, you might say, there has been a shade that was pulled down until it was the right time. As the ships decloak, everywhere on the Earth, I can’t repeat this enough, you are going to suddenly come internally into an awareness that you have not had since you have been here on this plane.
RAMA: You may have to pull over on the highway and just watch the waves go by.
MARK: Yes, I would suggest it. Well, it will not just be waves, there will be colorful energies coming from the sky. They will not be landing. They will simply be there, but they will be demonstrating their presence. That presence will be so wonderful because of the radiation from the consciousness within those ships, within the beings within the ships, and the collective radiance will be upshifting the whole planet and everyone on it. Dark or light. It does not matter because remember the dark are trapped in programs and they have a right to wake up too, just like we do.
RAMA: They are programmed like Agent Smith.
MARK: Yes, and so the whole thing is when everybody has a chance to wake up and make an informed choice, if you want to say it that way, that means then if they decide that they want to continue their other ways, or to honor their old programs, well, that will be permitted, but they won’t be staying here. So this is kind of important to intersperse these current events that are just happening in these moments and hours of every day now. These are unprecedented revelations. This has never been allowed before.
So now, I would like to go on and move on to….to me, a very interesting place. So now, I would like to talk about our visit to Uranus. I would like to say, rather than wait until we get to the end, I believe that this, yes, I’m certain that it was actually the 22nd dimension.
For those of you who have not read a lot of esoteric history, you may not know that master builders, millions of years ago, visited the Earth from Uranus. When we went there, first of all, who did we take with us? Who did we invite to go with us and to help us talk to the people? It was Lord Maitreya, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, St. Germain and of course our Twin Flames which we call the Sunstar 4. They all accompanied us to Uranus, so we knew it was kind of important when they all volunteered, that we were going to see something a little bit different. As I said, the Uranians were the original Architects of the Solar System and provided the technology and mathematics for cutting stones and for building the pyramids with sound. The Uranians levitate huge masses by neutralizing their mass so anti-gravity is a part of that. Matter and anti-matter are also a part of that. They have not been to the Earth in several million years.
BETH: Hey Mark, may I ask you a question please?
MARK: Okay.
BETH: We were calling these people Uranians because we didn’t have a better word, but I know that name is long. Rama, do you know of another name for these people who live here?
MARK: These are 4 foot tall very deep black-skinned individuals [who] are very bright, they are very jolly, and they are incredible. They are the universe’s most incredible mathematicians and they are the master builders that built the pyramids, but they have another name that just slips my mind.
RAMA: If you saw that movie, Masters of the Universe, there was a being, his name was Guildorff. He developed the Masonic key and it is a musical instrument that opens the dimensional doorways and stargates. They live on Uranus. These beings. They are very similar to the gnomes.
MARK: Well, I will mention the name as soon as I can remember their true name, because they are a group of species that they themselves have been around forever. They are immortal.
TARA: On this planet?
MARK: No, on Uranus. If you will remember, they were contracted by, among others, the Maldecians from Maldek. Prince Marduke, and this was a nasty piece of this visit that they were hoping to turn these people into, you might say, friendly, honest people acting with integrity, but that was during a period where there was a division with the Elohi, and Lucifer was corrupting people right and left with his ideas. Part of that went to Maldek. I mean Maldek was contracting with these people and they didn’t want to cancel their contract, because they thought as long as they were the builders, no mischief would come of it. But when they came here and built all these pyramids all over the Earth, at that time, Prince Marduke and a few members of his inner circle had already plotted and planned at the last minute to go in at a critical point and make certain changes in the master builders’ plan that would turn Giza into a weapon. It actually backfired on them.
Instead of destroying the Earth, because they had it tuned to their own planet, they thought they would suck all of the energy from the Earth and transfer it to Maldek. Instead what happened, because they didn’t understand the esoteric significance of what they were doing, the master builders did but they weren’t permitted to finish it, so the Maldecians got together and got their own work force under their own high priest clan to make those final adjustments. What they did is destroy their own planet, because they super-boosted beyond their wildest imagination and it backfired and destroyed their planet and threw a lot of other planets out of orbit and, you know, reconfigured the solar system.
TARA: It backfired. That is exactly what happened and how they blew up the Great Crystal in Atlantis. Same thing.
MARK: This is the same kind of thing. Right. So these people are very important family. They are family, believe me. 22nd dimension is where our soul matrix is and they are right there with us. So they have been wanting and they have known, because they saw the future, they saw the past, they could see the records and they have been waiting for their, if you want to call it, their future forecast [which] said that whenever masters came there again to Uranus, this is the 22nd dimension I remind you of, that when they came and we arrived, they said, okay, this event, now we can come back as soon as you declare peace and help you rebuild the Earth to [the] pristine original blueprint that is sacred. They use sacred geometries. They use sacred tones and that will restore everything to perfection so, anyway, we were quite excited to be there.
BETH: Mark, I just wanted to set the tone before you start reading this one. We went there with St. Germain and he was acting very jolly touring us on this place. These people. when we met them, were very short in stature, shorter than both you and me and St. Germain towers over both of us. We were a little surprised when we saw them and we were kind of giving each other glances. Under his breath, St . Germain all through this trip was giggling a little bit, because he was enjoying our amusement at how neat things were here. These people are brilliant masters of architecture, mathematics and many other things. Where they took us to visit was a university building, and the whole thing was kind of a setup and it was the most fun I’ve had going anywhere. It is right on the top of the list of the most fun. I just wanted to share that before you started reading it.
MARK: Even as we walked towards….we were sitting in a circle with them out there, so we had a little, you might say, had some tea. Sitting on cushions Japanese style and they said, we would like you to come in and see our university. So St. Germain jumped up and we all agreed and we said now? They said, yes, yes, now is the time to go. We couldn’t understand why they wanted us to go to their Council building.
BETH: Well, St. Germain knew that the meeting was happening, but he didn’t tell us, and that is what he thought was really funny.
MARK: Right. He was having so much fun watching us and our reactions to everything, but he had set this up in advance, so we were moving forward to the university where they had this big Council meeting. It was stacked like a beehive, with arranged tiers, up and down in a circular fashion so it could hold many thousands of people. We thought it was going to be empty. Instead there was a Council in session, and thousands of people in all the tiers there that St. Germain had arranged in advance as a surprise. He was hop-skipping. I mean he was just like a kid. He was hop-skipping along up to the university getting way ahead of us, because he knew what was coming and he just couldn’t wait to get there. That was a lot of fun. We haven’t had that much fun, and you noticed who else was with us, so we had quite a Goodly Company there. It was a most amazing situation. Just a little bit about Uranus, and remember again, we have to remind you, we are talking about the 22nd dimension.
There is fantastic and extraordinary architecture in the city where we are. It is on the sea. It is big, like Manhattan, but the structures have organic shapes, they really are like flowers and leaves and they fit perfectly into the landscape. It is awe-inspiring. There are round buildings with arched entries and fantastic spired towers. In these structures, I have to tell you, these structures are made, created with tones and things which are living structures and they affect you very, very much when you are in there because they were designed for that purpose and they knew it. So these are not buildings like we know here because things here are not created in the same way.
First of all, St. Germain took us into a tall building with a peaked arch opening. We are welcomed there by the Master Builders. They are immortals. They do not age, they are the originals which came to Earth to help build the pyramid system on Earth millions of years ago. In this building are screens and they are like TV screens, with visuals of projects as well as models. There is an overlook and on display are models of projects done on Earth, not current, but these are ones they did here on Earth. We are then introduced to the Uranians and we see they are 4 feet tall and they have deep, dark skin. We sit with them in an area they have prepared and they welcome us. We are sitting on large pillows on the ground, Japanese style. St Germain sits with us. He smiles and says he has sent our dossiers ahead; he is only partially kidding. He goes on to say they know us and they know our work for Earth Ascension. So we have a drink with them, which is tea. They explain they would like us to meet their Council of Elders and we agree. They say they would be quite honored if we would bring back a message with us from their Council. We were pretty darn surprised they meant for us to go right then, and we agree to go with them with St Germain accompanying us and encouraging us. He has obviously been here many times before. We walk into a hall and there are thousands of Uranians there. They stand from their seats when they see Mark, St. Germain, and Beth walk into the center aisle together. They are clapping. Mark and I are stunned and sheepish. Everyone sits down and their speaker comes forward and wishes we share this message from Uranus and the master builders. Here is their message:
Uranus and the Master Builders: Greetings to all on Earth. We are very pleased to have these Ambassadors here today. It is a sign of the times. We have known for millions of years that when the Earth Ambassadors came back to see us, it would be time to visit the Earth again. We will be there for mass decloakings with our Brothers and Sisters in the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds. We are one of the Original Progenitors of Earth. We are the Master Builders. We last left the Earth millions of years ago. Now we are ready to return. We brought our sound and light technology and built pyramids all around the Earth. These link in with the portals, stargates, vortexes, and what you call wormholes, as well as link with the portal systems in this Universe and beyond. All of these have domes over them. We also used giant crystals and magnets to energize areas of the Earth. [Mark: I think they were talking about selenite crystals.] It was during our time when the Mayan Civilization and the Egyptian Civilization traveled to each other by teleportation. There were no limitations on visiting the sacred places on Earth. The Ancient Civilizations were in contact with each other, on the surface Earth as well as the Inner Earth. This Perfection is ready to return to Earth. We have been following your progress. We will be the Ones now to come back and restore the original structures we built on Earth. You will have circular cities. You will have free energy. You will have rejuvenation centers. You will be free to visit the sea or the mountains, both in the same day. The limitations will no longer exist in your world.
Be ready to greet us when we come. We are your Brothers and Sisters; we are your Galactic Family. We are very excited about your progress and very happy to return to beautiful Earth, a place we love. We will mentor the new Councils on Earth to begin projects immediately after mass landings. We will explain all the choices available and we will demonstrate the technology to get it done. Ultimately, it will be your choice, as a group, to decide together the best solutions. We will be there as your Counselors and Mentors.
Blessings Earth Family, from the Uranian Elders.
RAMA: And I just wanted to add that all the people of Aldeberon were also part of the orchestration. This is under the jurisdiction of Commander Qua-la. These pyramid builders and the grid systems, the stargates. Commander Quala is one of the original architects of the Giza Pyramid, the Sphinx, Khufu and Cheops. All of this is connected similarly with these folks throughout our little solar system who helped to orchestrate building the pyramids.
MARK: Rama, since we are on that subject. Since you mentioned Commander Qua-la and Aldeberon. In the Orion system constellation, there are two planets, one of which is primarily associated with the dark lords and one is associated with the lords of light.
RAMA: Right.
MARK: And Aldeberon is the one with the lords of light. Is it not Rigel that is the lords of the Dark?
RAMA: Yes, that’s right.
MARK: Then in the center belt of Orion, there are 3 stars, El, On and Ra. And Solara wrote a wonderful novel about that entitled El On Ra.
TARA: And didn’t you ask about the order of An?
MARK: Yes.
TARA: That is the center star. That is what we mean when we say, going through the eye of An. What we are doing is a flop or a flip.
MARK: A flip flop?
TARA: A flip flop. Everything that is out there reverses itself, and that’s the value of comprehending that we are the universe.
RAMA: What I remember about, in Rigel, there is a planet called Rama-Ta which is the Borg homeworld where the Queen Borg is and all these other drones.
MARK: Was that named after you, Rama?
RAMA: No! Rama-Ta? Could be, who knows, but I gave them a run for their money and I love them even more.
MARK: So I was mentioning those 3 stars in the belt of Orion, and probably you would want to take with you the best navigator available. One who also has mental confidence to deal with psychological mind frequencies being beamed at you, because that eye of An is so narrow and so precise that when you go through there, you have to be squeaky clean, because you are going between two opposite things and you can be torn apart if your navigation was off or captured.
RAMA: It is like trying to navigate through a cosmic strain [string?] which it might look like it’s just a simple anomaly, yet it has a gravitational force of a black hole.
MARK: It takes you and flips you from matter to anti-matter, and if you are ever on the gateways, like the 13th gateway, this is a place where this can all happen. This is in our future. Everyone on this call has the probability of experiencing going through the Eye of An as we return to anti-matter.
RAMA: I’ve already navigated this numerous times. I know it like the back of my, I won’t go there.
TARA: The thing of anti-gravity, anti-matter, it is the state of weightlessness, yet we have the ability to shape- shift as needed inter-dimensionally as time travelers. That’s what we are really, really at the moment now, that is really what we are doing. That’s what you are doing.
MARK: Yes, and I will be talking next about our trip to Jupiter which is the most amazing experience that Beth or I have had thus far. That will be coming next.
RAMA: They [the Uranians] may assign you to different ships for training. I am just telling you. That is how things are done.
MARK: Well, that is something that the KOS mentioned, was that everyone is coded both in terms of your family alignment and also in terms of missions. These mass decloakings, before the landings, these are going to be 7-10 days before the landings start happening, because our announcements and everything else will happen in conjunction. The arrests, the decloakings and our announcements will all be happening pretty much simultaneously with the arrests of course being the critical item. Tara, do you have anything before we go on?
TARA: Well this is the hard news, yet it is not hard news in the sense of what we are hearing now, is that this is the final completion and that’s the magenta ray. So this is a piece of hard news from Ariana Huffington, why Joe Biden should resign, and I’m just gong to read a little bit of it. Joe Biden met with Cencom, Chief General David Patrayas and that was on the 14th.
MARK: That is Central Command and that is located in Tampa, Florida on Hickom Air Force Base.
TARA: Okay, and he met there on the 14th to talk about Afghanistan. An issue that has pushed the Vice President into the spotlight, landing him on the cover of the latest Newsweek. Now Ariana Huffington is a Faction 3 White Knight, so listen very carefully. She is going to give us a big eye-opener. I have an idea how he can capitalize on all of the attention and do what generations to come will always be grateful for, resign. Now the centerpiece of Newsweek’s story is how Biden has become the Chief White House skeptic on the war in Afghanistan, especially arguing against General McCrystal’s request for 40,000 Arabs and 60,000.…. The peace by Holly Bailey and [inaudible] opens with details of the September 13th National Security Meeting at the White House, and Biden speaks up, “Can I just clarify a factual point? How much will we spend this year on Afghanistan?” Someone provided the figure $65 billion. “How much will we spend on Pakistan?” and another figure was supplied $25 billion. “Well, by my calculations, that is 3 to 1 in favor of Afghanistan.”
So I have a question, Al Qaeda is almost all in Pakistan. Actually Jeremy Scahill said it was all in Pakistan and it was Hillary’s Black Op that put them there. Pakistan has nuclear weapons. Very nasty arrangement. And yet, for every dollar we are spending in Pakistan, we are spending $30 in Afghanistan. Does that make strategic sense? The White House situation room fell silent, and then Ariana said, being Greek, I am partial to Biden’s classic use of the Socratic method, skillfully eliciting facts in a way [that] let’s people connect the dots of how misguided our involvement in Afghanistan has become. It has been known for quite a while that Biden has been on the other side of McCrystal’s desire for a big escalation of our forces there, the New York Times reported last month, and he has deep reservations about it, so if the President does decide to escalate, Biden should for the good of the country, should escalate his willingness now, this is what she is saying, when I say love is not enough, she is saying, your love for the right thing is not enough. He should escalate his willingness to act on those reservations. What he must not do, is follow that same weak, worn-out pattern of opposition we have become all too accustomed to. First Vietnam, then Iraq. You know the drill. As the dust settles and the country begins to look back and not so charitably wonder, what were we thinking? The ________ start to grow. I’m just going to skip some of this. I want to get down…..How about making Maricopaunnecessary? Instead of saving it for the book, how about future author Biden unfetter his conscious[ness] in real time where it can actually do some good. If Biden actually believes that what we are doing in Afghanistan is not in the best interest of our national security, what issue is more important than that? It is simply not enough to claim retroactive righteousness in memoirs. That is what is going on.
MARK: Even on the Bill Mahers’ Show [on HBO on Friday] they were talking about this, and Bill Maher had a couple of experts there on the program, and they said, listen, just calm down and let’s look at the history. Every time they ask for more troops, what they are saying is, we are losing. We are losing. Understand that. That means they want to throw more troops and more money while they are losing, and they are saying if we don’t throw more troops and money, we will lose. Why not save this incredible amount of money every single year, and they are talking about several, General McCrystal is talking about a minimum 3 years, absolutely minimum to accomplish this. So now multiply those amounts by 3 and now multiply them also by the loss of life, and he said, there will be a heavy loss of life. Now say, what if we just admit it that we are losing and leave?
RAMA: That would be the dignified thing to do.
MARK: That would be the honest thing to do because you are not going to win in a losing situation, because if you are, it would be what is called an empiric victory. That is to say, you lose all of your troops, you lose all of your funds, you devastate a country, and end up having to put your tail behind you and leave in disgrace. We have done this in every single one of these places. We have devastated too many places to even count, and the time now is to admit it won’t work. It hasn’t worked for anyone else who has gone there in the past.
RAMA: Empires go there to die in Afghanistan as it has been said.
MARK: That is the quote, so anyway, I just wanted to say, as of last night on the Bill Maher Show, they were talking about this and saying, yes, that Ariana Huffington was correct, Joe Biden should resign. We should cut our losses now and leave while we can still leave with some honor, and that this we know from the astrology, we know from the intelligence from Faction 3, that in fact, there is no other solution. We must fess up that we are the cause and that we can do the noble thing and admit it and leave, and stop killing our own people and their people and devastating the economy of many, many countries. A matter of fact, 160-190 countries’ economies are right now bankrupt in more ways than we can count, because there are over 2,000 trillion dollars that cannot be funded. They are called derivatives and it is false economics and it is false ethics and it is false, it is just continuing lies.
This is all coming a-cropper now because as you saw with that BBC news article, even Bush Sr. who is ranting and raving, and Hillary, are now going to be named, absolutely named and indicted. The flurry of legal things going on in the United Kingdom and here, and then you add to that Ben Fulford’s statement about the Queen. You know, giving her true name [Battenberg] instead of the name she has been using, and that this needs to be corrected which means abdicate the throne which wasn’t hers to start with. That belongs to Princess Diana. So all of these things are coming together now in this moment, and this is the urgency we waited for these news events to start breaking. We were told a long time ago, that once it started, it would escalate. It would not stop, it would escalate. As of August 8th of this year when we went through the Lion’s Gate opening, the media Gag Order was lifted on everything except NESARA. In other words, they can now tell the truth and they are beginning to do so. Keith Obermann and Rachel Maddows are prime examples of this actually in your everyday life and [Jack] Rice who was the ex-CIA guy [whom] Rama was talking about, this is openly available to anyone who wants to listen to it on Air America Radio.
RAMA: TheJackRiceShow.com.
MARK: And Amy Goodman is beginning to have interviews now that are far more advanced than what was possible before. All of this is happening since August 8th since the Gag Order was lifted. Except that KOS could not lift it and will not lift it [on NESARA] until his Twin Flame who is Lady Master Nada shows up on TV and declares an end to it. Remember, she is the International Special Prosecutor above all other ones in the Hague, in the International Court of Justice, and she is also the President of the Solar Tribunal, and she is also the Paymaster for NESARA. Nobody but her and St. Germain will announce [NESARA] and this will happen right with or just after the arrests are made public on TV. Not where this has happened and you don’t hear about it. Most of these people, very large numbers of them, many thousands of them have been arrested, and there are simply physical holograms or doubles in place in some cases. In some cases, it is doubles who have now been cloned as holograms and are holograms. So it does not even matter, the whole point is, when those announcements start, it will all be over because it is already completely arranged down to the last detail and we are watching it happen NOW.
TARA: I was going to say one thing more. I wanted to read one more paragraph regarding Joe Biden. This is by Representative Jim McGovern from Massachusetts. He said, when I voted to use force to go to war after 9/11, I think I and everyone else in Congress voted to go after Al Qaeda. That was our enemy and now Al Qaeda has now moved to another neighborhood in Pakistan where frankly they are more protected. We are told by General Jones there are less than 100, if that, members of Al Qaeda left in Afghanistan. So we are now saying, we should have 100,000 American forces to go after less than 100 members of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan? I think we need to reevaluate our policy.
MARK: Well, also the KOS talked about that and he said it has nothing to do with the Taliban. It has everything to do with the Stargates. That is what it is all about. That is what it was about in Iraq. That is what it was about in Iran and Afghanistan. It is the Stargates, and we had the KOS point it out to Beth a couple of days ago and we posted a picture that was number 27 out of 54 on MSNBC. The story they had there, they actually photographed a GI there with, I think the KOS said, with up to 60 ships over the Stargate there. The Stargate was right behind the GI and the GIs over there all know. They see the ships every day.
RAMA: Every day.
MARK: And not just U.S. troops, we are talking about UK, all the troops over there from all of the countries have a Gag Order on them not to talk about it. But it is an open secret among them and that is why they are there. It is the Stargates and not only that, why? What is it about the Stargates? Because these stargate portals allow these ships to come in through other portals, and they will be surfacing through these portals, and they will announce, put down your weapons and go home. Peace is being declared. They will do it not with force, they will simply do it with their presence.
RAMA: This is the piece that I….there was a man named Daniel Pearl and Daniel Pearl was working for the CIA, and he was supposed to meet with a man named Sheik Juliana and it was about the stargates and the Djinn. This was right after 9/11, October, November, right in that timeframe of 2001. Supposedly, Daniel Furro was killed because of the fact he was going to meet with Sheik Juliana talking about the stargates. Dan Rather was going to have both of these men on 60 minutes talking about the stargates. This is why from the moment of so-called Daniel Furro’s death, they shut this whole story up.
MARK: And Dan Rather took a big slap across his professional face for being friendly to these projects. Well, that is no longer going to be there because now the media’s on notice. That when we have our announcement, if they do not tell the truth, they will be out of here also. Many thousands of these reporters have been briefed for years by the KOS and they know and have been writing up, preparing, their stories for release and their stories go across the whole gamut of 9/11 co-conspirators. Everything that we’ve been talking about for years. They know about it. They have been briefed with documents. They see these things, they will be reporting on them and they will also be taken to the Hague. They will be shown again there so this is ready, the final moments of this drama, are ready to come about. That’s when we start turning everything around and it all becomes about love, all about cooperation and certainly based on peace. This is coming.
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