Friday, December 11, 2009

Ashtar KOS and Korton on the StarGate opening in Norway


I am Korton, Commander of the Cosmic Secret Service. I am from Mars and I have a coordinated effort with KOS on Earth and Soltec with intergalactic Communications and Captain Ashtar with the Galactic Federation.

We have brought through this StarGate portal several MotherShips. Some are from Mars and several are from Andromeda. We have come here to occupy the StarGates of Earth in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We are preparing for a time of World Peace. We will be sending the Soldiers home and they will no longer have to defend the StarGates. We are in place to do that as Earth goes through this transition. This Operation will last 72 hours when we round up all the remaining dark hats and escort them out of Earth's atmosphere to their new destination. We are the back up for an operation which has continued for some months now. We bring the muscle to finish the job, meaning there are more resources to help with the removals. As we finish this at the end of 12:12 there will be a shift into a Higher Vibration. We are honored to be here and assist this way now. ~Korton


Greetings. There are amazing changes happening now, and what did you expect? When you saw the videotape of the vortex portal in Norway, did you feel excited? Did you feel the Galactic Federation is out there with our Ships? Did you feel that this might all be happening? Because it is! This story about Arrests, Decloakings and NESARA has been talked about for a long time. Now the time is here, why would you be surprised that a portal opened to let in more Ships? If you are experiencing a heart opening with this news, that is as it should be. Go with the feeling. Use this energy to dream up the changes you would like to see in your world and focus on them now. Allow those dreams to float into manifestation, with joy! We have been working behind the scenes with these Galactic Forces and we continue this partnership as we prepare for the Disclosure and Announcements.


There are negotiations in place now which will be settled in days for Jerusalem to declare Peace. Jerusalem will become the Capital of Two States: Palestine and Israel.
We will live in a World where we honor each others cultures, religions, and politics while acknowledging we are One Race: Humanity. This is the next step that must be a part of the sequential flow as we end all Wars across the Planet. There are operations like this one, in strategic places, that are bringing an end to centuries of conflict as we cross the change point and bring Peace to Earth. ~KOS
Mark and Beth


  1. I can't help crying every time I suddenly GET IT, time and time again, I GET IT! Thank you all so much for paving the way. I have been waiting for this all my life, and now we'll be home at last.
    I am in love with you all, one breath,,,
    Stella, Amsterdam

  2. I have longed for truth to exist with love in my world, to see blind acceptance of things we were unable to change swept away.
    To know now light-heartedness fully and all embracing love
    of my fellow passengers on Earth.


  3. Cosmic Secret Service?
    So this usual 3D shit continues in 5D and above?
    Little change in the "Game" then I'm afraid!

  4. same here stella, joy joy and more joy every time i reed these stories.
    sometimes it's all so strange, everything works out in the end. everything is happening how i imagined it and exactly that is why i have faith.
    thanks to all for sharing these energies with
    me and see you soon!

    lots of love,


  5. i really cant see how dividing jerusalem will help in world peace ...

  6. Please man these message are so much of what we want to hear man and I hope this is coming from your heart cause wheres so many people around the world that are in dire need and so many of us who put hope in the words you speek and the messages you deliver this is not anythink to play with. Of course the average person would think we're crazy to give give your message a first look but anty of them we know are un aware
    at the same time many of us that have seen things in the skys that are unexplainable know theres more going on then our sleeping conrads
    relize but and we come to people like your self to learn more with a open mind I pray your Intensions are pure!

  7. Cant believe this is anything else than disinformation.
    It makes no sense at all. People are smarter than this!!

  8. Harry, you said "the average person would think we're crazy " about this facts... first of all sorry for my english , im Italian... but I'm sure you have no problems because eventhough i'm gonna use an uncorrect speech, you will surely advert what i'm talking about through your hearts. I am completely sure about the imminent change on the Earth... I've become a believer in God when i was 15, now im 21... I've become a true believer of extraterrestrial life before I believed in God... i dont know why, it took me more time.. What i wanted to say though, is that Ashtar and his Federation are going to save us... why? Because a lot of us have NO idea of what is truly happening here... please let me post this link, i dont usually watch long videos.. i never watch videos with an american speech...because i m afraid i dont understand... you know what? i understood 90% of 1h40mins.... please, watch and open you eyes...wide... Peace and Love forever.. I will be aiding You for this most important task...

  9. The night before the Norway portal (well here in Australia) I was contacted, they felt like family,the following morning I awoke with the word Pulsar in my head and this guided me to and a channel that came through from beings from a pulsar!


  11. Every destruction take place on this Mother Earth, is by the sheer greeds and abuses of inept minds.Every evils are created by the scientists and enhanced by the World Federal Government, to diminish the World populations.This is their basic instinct.They are the Evils of the Mother Earth.We need explosions of Meditations and mega prayers to get rid of those causing so much upheavals, and these are our peaceful weapons against the destroyers, and to protect our Mother Earth.We Love our Mother.Long live Mother.